Ani Allen is originally from Lima, Peru, she is married to her High School sweetheart and her biggest supporter. They are raising 2 amazing children in a multicultural family. A 13 year old Teenage boy who spends every minute he can on his skateboard and a 10 year old girl who loves to dance. She loves everything about been a Mom, even the hard challenges they face as parents. She describes it as the greatest blessing she has received in her life. She is very passionate about Parenting, Teenage Pregnancy, Designing, Education and being your kids biggest Advocate.

Dennissa Valdivieso de Ramirez was born in Quito, Ecuador. She is married to her best friend and together they are raising 6 kids ranging from ages 1-15. She loves sharing her traditions and culture with them, and finding any excuse to celebrate special occasions. She also enjoys cooking, crafting, dancing, reading a good book, gardening, planning events and empowering others to make their dreams realities. She most loves spending quality time with her Familia and creating memories with them.

Natalie Noguera  was born in Guadalajara, Mexico but raised in the States. She has been married to her love for 11 years and together they have 2 boys and 2 girls, ages 9 mon-10 years old. She’s a stay at home mom and a social worker. She’s a Latina who pursues to be a better person and who finds fulfillment in life when she is able to help and give service to others. She enjoys being bilingual and loves to share her culture and values with her children. She also enjoys Inventing new products, socializing and spending time with friends, reading, writing and shopping for good deals.

Stefanie Jean-Baptiste was born in Cuenca, Ecuador. Stefanie loves being a Latina and loves her Ecuadorian and Peruvian culture. She has been married for 7 years to her “Sexy Haitian Man” like she likes to call him and together they have 2 beautiful children, a 6 year old Girl and 5 year old Boy. At home they are teaching their kids 4 languages. She loves all things MakeUp and Beauty and loves to travel and learn about different cultures. She’s a Credit Advisor, Stay at home Mami, and a Beauty & Lifestyle blogger. She loves finding the beauty in everything and everyone and hearing life stories of where people come from and where they are going. She truly believes that all women deserve to shine and leave a little piece of sparkle on this earth. She is a big advocate for Women to feel more confident and secure in themselves and for kids with Special needs.

Jazmin Turley was born in Montreal, Quebec to a Costa Rican family and was raised in SLC, Utah. Jazmin is a taco lover, entrepreneur, wife and a mother of a beautiful baby boy. Growing up, Jazmin has always been creative at heart and still is to this day. Always painting, drawing, designing or crafting something up with her hands. After becoming a mother last year, she and her husband started a business called My Spanish Sorpresa. A bilingual book box company aimed to give families all over the US the resources to help teach their children Spanish every month through bilingual literature. On the side, Jazmin is a photographer, blogger and event planner. Her goal is to inspire and become an advocate for Latinas, moms, and women every where to pursue their goals, passions and do what they truly love. She believes you can truly have it all as long as you have the motivation, passion, and confidence to pursue your goals.

Zuleyth Sibley was born in Lima, Peru and moved to the states in her early tween years where she would later meet her husband. They have been married 10 years and together they have 2 adorable kids, a fearless 4 year old boy and a sassy little 2 year old girl. She’s a Stay at Home Mami and works at Jetblue. Motherhood has taught her so much about life, She’s learned that life changes every day, bringing new challenges, new adventures, new opportunities, new ways to better herself, to keep on growing as a strong, caring, loving, fun wife and mother. She’s passionate about learning and empowering women throughout their pregnancies and births. Learning to be a better parent, and give her children great experiences, that they can keep with them as they become adults. She loves to travel and visit new places with her family and friends, especially if they are at a beach somewhere. Loves learning how to be financially stable and be debt free and of course Loves latin dancing, and having Ladies/Mamis Night Out. She hopes that with this experience she can help women unite and lift each other up throughout the best and worst times in each of our lives.

We Love!

We Love!